A Book Review on Twinkle’s Happy Place Blog

A Book Review for Scars can be found on Twinkle’s Happy Place Blog

Twinkle’s Happy Place Blog includes a thoughtful and powerful blog about Scars, book 2 of 4 in the 7 Generations series. The blogger shares how the story touches her as a mother, teacher, and researcher. She writes that her

favorite line in the book (which is eerily similar to something I tell my kids when they do something bad) is “…the past doesn’t have to define us. In the end, we define ourselves by the actions we take, how we address the past and look to the future.” Bang! That’s golden.

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Twinkle’s Happy Place Blog describes itself as an edu-blog that connects teachers to instantly accessible resources for integrating Aboriginal content and pedagogy into their classrooms. It includes a mix of resources, lessons, and research, all of which are readily accessible online for free.

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