6 Getting Started Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom

Getting Started Tips from the P&M Press title

Books, Media & the Internet
Children’s Literacy in Today’s Classroom

edited by Shelley S. Peterson, David Booth and Carol Jupiter

Today, we are bombarded by an ever-increasing variety of technology. Fortunately, children seem to adapt and embrace the rapid advancements. For this reason, incorporating technology in the classroom is a great way to increase a child’s interest in learning. In Books, Media & the Internet, the authors explore the role of technology in the classroom – specifically incorporating reading the new digital and multimedia texts and reading the traditional paper-based form (books, magazines, and newspapers). This book provides information, classroom examples, and anecdotes as practical tools to help teachers use digital, media, and print texts to extend students’ learning. To help get you started on your path to using technology and media, along with books in your classroom, here are 6 useful tips.

Establish clear goals for using technology. It’s not about the technology, it’s about how technology can improve learning for your students.

Consider ways to use new technology, media, books and other print texts. Bringing in digital and media texts does not mean you have to abandon traditional ones

Decide what hardware is affordable for your classroom – LCD projector, scanner, digital camera, etc. See what you can share with colleagues to keep the costs down.

Decide what software is affordable for you classroom – for example, purchased, such as Microsoft Office Powerpoint, or free, such as Adobe Reader.

Sign-up, follow, or attend technology blogs, associations, Twitter, workshops, and conferences – <www.iste.org, www.twitter.com/mbteach, www.kylepace.com>.

Let your students help you with the technology. Draw on their digital experiences to enhance and extend your lesson plans.

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