The Case for Using Book Trailers in the Classroom

5 Getting Started Tips for Using Book Trailers in Your Classroom

Book trailers are increasingly used in today’s multimedia classrooms. Book trailers are a great way to inspire students and engage reluctant readers. Similar to the purpose of a movie preview, a book trailer can activate interest in reading a book. As an example, watch the book trailer for the upcoming colour edition of 7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga.

Teachers use book trailers in their classrooms for more than a traditional book report. Trailers can be used to meet language arts/literacy curriculum goals by teaching students how to analyze and synthesize visual information. Below are 5 suggestions for using book trailers in your classroom.

Tip 1
Show the trailer before reading the book. This helps to create a sense of anticipation and enhances the reading experience for the reader by providing the gist of the book’s storyline.

Tip 2
Show the trailer following the reading of the book. This helps to provide students with a clear visual model of the literacy skill summarizing. Trailers can also provide models of other literary techniques, including foreshadowing, mood, pacing, and tone.

Tip 3
Build critical-thinking skills by having students compare the book to the trailer. Provide discussion questions such as; Did watching the trailer hinder or enhance the experience of reading the book?

Tip 4
Compare one trailer to another trailer about the same book. Generate discussion questions that students can keep in mind when analyzing, such as: What worked in the book trailer? What didn’t?

Tip 5
Have students create their own book trailers (great support can be found at Give students an opportunity to view other students’ book trailers by hosting a book trailer viewing day in the school library.

For more information about 7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga, please visit

Click here for the book trailer for Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story.

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