David Alexander Robertson at SAGE 2012

Graphic Education: Using the Graphic Novel in the Classroom


Presented by David Alexander Robertson at the Manitoba Association of Teachers of English and Canadian Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Joint SAGE Conference
Expanding Voice and Vision

Graphic novels are a great tool for motivating students to read. With many students already familiar with the graphic-novel format, teachers are finding this genre effective for teaching reading strategies, media literacy, and historical and socially relevant topics — even to the most reluctant readers. David Robertson will discuss how his own history led him to write graphic novels. He will then show how graphic novels can be used in the classroom to engage all students in learning. David Robertson’s graphic novels (The Life of Helen Betty Osborne, 7 Generations, Sugar Falls) have appeared in classrooms across Canada, making Aboriginal history, culture, and contemporary issues more accessible to students.

For more information about the MATE conference please visit www.mbteach.org.

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