“The Evolution of Alice” wins On the Same Page!

We are thrilled to announce that Manitobans have selected David Alexander Robertson‘s The Evolution of Alice as this year’s featured book for the 8th annual On The Same Page, a province-wide reading initiative. Check out the full news release from the City of Winnipeg here!

Please enjoy this short excerpt from The Evolution of Alice:

***Evolution of Alice

Matthew had just finished his first tour through the rez. It wasn’t anywhere he thought he’d ever be. He’d just found out he was part Cree, and that he had distant relatives, including a cousin, living there. All the same, he was fascinated by the experience. His parents hadn’t ever been there either, and the lot of them, in their Chevy Traverse, spent about an hour driving all around the area. Matthew had been assigned a ‘Culture In A Box’ project for his grade three class back in the city, and had been alerted to his Cree heritage by his parents, albeit a bit reluctantly. It turned out that he was far more interested in being Cree than he was in being Scottish.

After finding out he was Cree he had asked his father, innocently, ‘Daddy, am I related to the homeless people?’

His father had chuckled and said, ‘Oh I don’t think so, son.’

Matthew took notes throughout the excursion through the rez. As twilight hit and they were on their way back to the city,nike air trainer he read them.

‘Houses here don’t have street addresses they have broken cars. I bet people find their way around by looking for types of broken cars. There are nice things in ditches. I saw a tricycle and a car tire and a lawn chair. They all looked in pretty good condition. The front yards look fun. There are trampolines and toys and four-wheelers. I saw an old man with no shoes out front of his house carving a wooden boot. I think I’ll like being Cree.’

Matthew smiled at his notes. His teacher had said in his report card that he had exquisite handwriting.


You can order the print or eBook version of Alice on our website, so you can stay on the same page, too!

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