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Author Niigaanwewidam’s Family Story

Celebrating National Aboriginal Day CBC Manitoba Scene features P&M Press author Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair. During a previous Manitoba Scene event, Niigaanwewidam related a moving personal story about potato salad, his family ties and his Ojibway heritage. Watch as Niigaanwewidam shares his moving story in the following CBC video. Video Posted by Kim Wheeler, SCENE Producer […]

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Listen to Hetty van Gurp

P&M Press author Hetty van Gurp, founder of Peaceful Schools International, speaks about the inclusion of peace education in curriculum at the March 2008 Peacebuilding and Earthkeeping symposium. P&M Press publishes three books by Hetty van Gurp. If you would like more information about these titles please visit

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An Interview with David Robertson

Author David Alexander Robertson discusses Stone, book 1 of 4 in the graphic novel series 7 Generations, in this interview appearing on APTN. Listen as David describes the story and how the characters will impact readers.

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An Overview of Kindergarten Plus!

Take a peek into Kindergarten Plus! with author Joni Bowman. In this video, Joni describes how Kindergarten Plus! includes everything you will need for your kindergarten program. Download a free sample lesson at

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From Kathleen Gregory

In this video, Kathleen Gregory describes how the Voices of Experience series for grades K–3 and grades 4–8 is a helpful resource for new teachers, teachers new to a grade level, teachers wanting great ideas to invigorate their classroom practice, and teacher mentors.

A Video with Shelley S. Peterson

In this video, Shelley S. Peterson shares how her new book, Books, Media & the Internet: Children’s Literature for Today’s Classrooms, will help teachers engage young people with text, both in print and on screen.

A Video with Faye Brownlie and Leyton Schnellert

In this video, Faye and Leyton share their thoughts on how their new book, It’s All About Thinking: Collaboration to Support All Learners, can be an important tool for all teachers.

David Robertson is interviewed on APTN

Author David Robertson discusses 7 Generations, a series of 4 graphic novels, in an interview with APTN. Listen as David describes the story and characters of Stone, book 1 in the 7 Generations series.

A Sneak Peak – 7 Generations: Stone

Author David Robertson has created this fantastic video showcasing the first book in the upcoming graphic novel series, 7 Generations. Please enjoy this moving sneak peek of Stone.

An Interview with David Robertson

Watch the APTN interview with David Robertson commemorating the 38th anniversary of the death of Helen Betty Osborne.