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Orange Shirt Day: Guiding Conversations about Residential Schools in the Classroom

September 30th is Orange Shirt Day—a nationally-recognized event to acknowledge the harm inflicted by residential schools. For educators, this day represents a special opportunity to engage young people in important discussions about residential schools and other structures of systemic racism.  There’s no way around it; these conversations are hard. They’re painful, delicate—and necessary. So, where […]

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Barbara Law

Congratulations to P&M Press author Barbara Law P&M Press is pleased to announce that Barbara Law is a contributor to Write-Anything. Write-Anything provides support and resources to high school and university students faced with the challenge of writing papers and to teachers who incorporate writing into their courses. Barbara will periodically submit interesting and helpful […]

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Tips for familiarizing a new ELL student with school, classroom, and classmates.

From The More-Than-Surviving Handbook by Barbara Law and Mary Eckes The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook is filled with practical, effective strategies for settling a new ELL student into the classroom. One strategy is assigning a student-buddy to the newcomer. However, rather than arbitrarily assigning a buddy to help a newcomer and leaving the buddy undirected and to […]

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The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook

Now Available For All Teachers This revised and expanded edition of the 1990 bestseller includes the latest research in language acquisition: how to teach reading and writing and how to develop listening and speaking skills. It is filled with the authors’ trademark anecdotes and practical advice, based on their many years of experience working with […]

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3rd Edition Coming Soon!

The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook ESL for Every Classroom Teacher Third Edition by Barbara Law and Mary Eckes P&M Press is pleased to announce the bestseller, The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook, is being revised and expanded. The first edition of The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook was meant to be modest, forthright, and easy to access, crammed with as many funny, wonderful […]

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Case Study: How to

How to Best Use the Real-Life Narratives Included in this Edition We decided to include case studies at the end of each chapter of this edition of The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook to confront you with real-life kids, situations, challenges, and dilemmas and to help you think critically about what you might do should you be confronted […]


Case Study: Abir

Abir Abir is enrolled in your school part way through the year. She tests at a level 2 (see pages 60–62). She is very shy at first and never talks above a whisper.


Case Study: Bao

Bao Bao is enrolled in your school. The person who brought her to school said that she knew a little English and had been in school in Fresno before she moved here.


Case Study: Vianney

Vianney Here is Vianney’s placement interview: What’s your name? Vianney.


Case Study: Richard

Richard Richard came to America to experience summer camp. He seemed to be a nice enough boy, but the other kids didn’t like him. It became quickly apparent that he still wore diapers, and his parents had sent along Tommy (see page 69) to tend to him and change his diaper when he made a […]