One Without the Other

Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion
by Shelley Moore | Foreword by Leyton Schellert

Grade: for all teachers
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In One Without the Other: Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion, Shelley Moore explores the changing landscape of inclusive education. Presented through real stories from her own classroom experience, this passionate and creative educator tackles such things as inclusion as a philosophy and practice, the difference between integration and inclusion, and how inclusion can work with a variety of students and abilities. Explorations of differentiation, the role of special education teachers and others, and universal design for learning all illustrate the evolving discussion on special education and teaching to all learners. This book will be of interest to all educators, from special ed teachers, educational assistants and resource teachers, to classroom teachers, administrators, and superintendents.


Shelley’s voice will move you from raucous laughter to tears in a heartbeat. Her stories will bring you to a full stop to reconsider the impact of your words and your actions. Her inclusive visions, honouring the potential and promise of each person, each strengthened within an interconnected community, becomes our North Star. One Without the Other challenges each of us to value diversity and move beyond inclusive platitudes to action.

—Faye Brownlie, co-author of It’s All About Thinking series

Shelley Moore is a gifted storyteller. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share the moments she has experienced inclusion, and exclusion, power, and need allow all of us to see the connection between our own lives and the experiences of our students. Shelley is passionate and inspirational – she will cause you to think, to cry, to laugh, and to dream.
—Jennifer Katz, author of Teaching to Diversity series

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2 reviews for One Without the Other

  1. Kristin Wiens

    Amazing book. Covers valuable topics regarding inclusion with clarity and humour. I use it as a text in my Education Assistant program. The students love it and I highly recommend it.

  2. Shana R Montgomery (verified owner)

    Shelley’s personable style and engaging stories make this a quick, easy read for anyone interested in the topic of Inclusion. She makes inclusion “doable” by providing examples of how it has and can be accomplished. Her passion for including all learners is evident throughout the book and inspires the reader to make a difference in the lives of their students!

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