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Geometry and Spatial Sense, Grade 3

A Hands-On Mathematics Module

By Jennifer Lawson
Categories: Education, Mathematics
Series: Hands-On Mathematics for Ontario
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Softcover, coil bound : 9781553790990, 125 pages, August 2007


This module focuses on comparing 2-D shapes and 3-D figures and sorting them by their geometric properties. Emphasis is also placed on identifying and describing the location and movement of objects on a grid map; exploring reflections, translations, and rotations; and investigating vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines of symmetry.

Also included:

  • materials lists
  • activity descriptions
  • questioning techniques
  • problem-solving examples
  • activity centre and extension ideas
  • assessment suggestions
  • activity sheets and visuals

All modules include a list of children’s books and websites related to the mathematics topics introduced, a detailed introduction to the Hands-On Mathematics program (guiding principles, implementation guidelines, an overview of the skills that students use and develop during mathematics inquiry), and a classroom assessment plan and record-keeping templates.