Matthew Rankin


Matthew Rankin is an independent filmmaker and historian. Specializing in Quebec intellectual history and Winnipeg pop culture, Rankin’s work straddles academic, popular, and cinematic approaches to history. As a member of the Montreal History Group, Rankin has written for historical periodicals such as The Beaver and La Revue d’histoire intellectuelle de l’Amérique française and has guest-lectured at l’Université Laval in Québec City. Rankin is also the director of multiple historical films, winner of the 2007 CanWest Global Prize for best short film, and curator of an archive of Winnipeg TV ephemera, which has toured its collection in art galleries throughout Canada.

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  • Siha Tooskin Knows Series: Interview with Authors...

    Charlene Bearhead and Wilson Bearhead are the authors of the Siha Tooskin Knows series. Eleven-year-old Siha Tooskin (Paul) is a Nakota boy who is learning about his identity and developing a sense of cultural responsibility in a contemporary, urban […]


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