Case Study: Eddie


Here’s Eddie:

Let me ask something “if your life remains only three months and you could do three things in that time what will you do for 3 months?” I believe that most people try to their best to get money or give up on their life and stay home.

As I mention about a person who gives up their life is afraid of a death. There is old Korean saying “You might as well enjoy the pain that you cannot avoid.” So I enjoy my pain and make plane.

The first thing I would like do to write down my testament. I enjoy watching televisiondramas especially romantic dramas. Usually when an actor or actors it’s by accident they do not write down any comment because they cannot predict on their future. So I would like to write testament for my family and my friends. For example.

Dear my family and friends. Lovely father and mother, I am very sorry. Do not cry too much. I will not forget my family and see you in heaven and burn my dead body to ashes and when you travel to somewhere feel free to use my remaining money.

Could Eddie function in a regular classroom, without assistance, at the grade you teach? If you were teaching grade 10 history would he be able to hold his own? What types of intervention or monitoring would be appropriate for him? How long would you wait to intervene if he demonstrates he isn’t keeping up?


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