Case Study: Josefina


Here’s Josefina, responding to the same assignment:

My name is Josefina for me is been nightmare but for other is parting. My mother name me like that because her religion. She told me that she name me Josefina because I was born on March nineteen.

That is the day when they celebrate Jesus’ father name, that is Jose we are the Mexicans call that day San Jose day that is a very especial day for most people. We celebrate it with parties, music, food and fireworks.

That is the reason why she name me Jose and fina, the fina word it doesn’t mean nothing special that I know about it. Is just make Jose word together to make it sound female.

Josefina name is being a nightmare for me, sense I was a little girl. When I was in school, kids used to make fun of my name because I had a boy’s name Jose in front of Fina.

That affected me for life, very bad, so was when I stared to hate my name. My name is like a big stick tag that sticks on me every day and every where that I go, with out wanting it. Is like something contagious that I can not get rid of.

At what level is Josefina functioning? What does her writing reveal about her knowledge of English and mechanics? Based on her writing what assumptions can you make about her ability to function in a grade-level class or subject? For example, could she do grade 8 work? Or, if she were in grade 9 history, could she pass? What assignments could you give her to improve her level of functioning and move her to the next level? What specifically (reading, more writing, vocabulary, and so on) does she need to move ahead?


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