Case Study: Tommy


Here is Tommy’s placement interview:

What’s your name?

How old are you?

How long have you studied English?
Since I was 13.

Tell me about Taiwan.
It’s dirtier than America. The air is very polluted. And I think the schools are better. I want to go to the university here in California. Then, I’ll join the army back home. I can get a better career in Taiwan if I get a degree from America.

Figure 2.10

Figure 2.10

Here is Tommy’s writing (see above):

  • What do you know about Tommy based on the information given?
  • If Tommy were enrolled in your school what placement decisions would you make?
  • Is he operating at grade level for his age?
  • What assumptions can you make about his ability to succeed with the grade-level curriculum based on his fluency?
  • Can you assume that he will be able to function without any assistance at all? If not, what sort of help might he need and should you give?

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