Case Study: Vianney


Here is Vianney’s placement interview:

What’s your name?

Can you spell it?
B a q.

How old are you?
Seven. Two and a five.

Tell me about your family.
My family is a sister and a little one is three.

What are you going to do after school today?
Play with my sister. I with my little one baby.

Tell me how to get home from here.
Over there’s my house.

What would you do if the school caught on fire?
(Did not understand the question.)

Vianney read all her upper and lowercase letters correctly. She also read a
series of first grade words-I, see, yes, can, will, to-correctly from the list.

Together with an adult she read the pre-kindergarten book The Ghost. She read “I see” correctly, and when the adult pointed to the pictures she could
“read” door, window, table, cat, and Mom. She read for meaning, and demonstrated that she was beginning to use sound/letter correspondence.

Vianney wrote the following:page_65_image

She read these sentences aloud as: “A cat can run. A cat can jump. A cat can play.”

  • What do you know about Vianney based on the information given?
  • Is she operating at grade level?
  • Vianney is seven. Would she succeed in a second-grade class, or would it be preferable to place her in first grade?
  • What if she were 17 instead of seven? What placement would be appropriate
  • What are your priorities for Vianney?

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