Case Study: Yoshuane


Yoshuane was in fifth grade when he was tested using the Language Assessment Scale (LAS). He had a very easy time with the oral portion of the test. Here is his retelling of a story he listened to:

Uh, uh, the girl the girl is I forget what’s that uncle called um she didn’t see him she since she was six the last time she ever saw him. One night there was a guy that came and started knowcking on the door and it was her uncle and and he said if she could hold this guitar for me to eat and they placed the music and ah the girl’s dad was dancing and then she went she went um she was um went to sleep.

Here are Yoshuane’s answers to one page of the LAS.

Figure 2.9

Figure 2.9

  • What do his answers tell you about his skill level?
  • Does this give you any usable information about what to do in the classroom?
  • What other information would you want, and where could you find it?
  • Based on what you know about him, what grade would you place Yoshuane in, and what kind of support does he need?
  • What are your priorities with Yoshuane?

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