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A Memoir

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In 1983, Beatrice Mosionier (then Culleton) blazed onto the stage of Canadian literature with the publication of her first novel, In Search of April Raintree. With searing clarity, Mosionier explored the struggle of two Métis sisters as they tried to make sense of the powerlessness, racism, and loss that loomed so large in their lives.

For years, readers have been asking: How much of April Raintree’s story is from the author’s own life?

Come Walk With Me, A Memoir is Mosionier’s long-awaited response to that question. In it, she recounts a life that often parallels that of her most memorable fictional character. Like April, Mosionier confronts great loss – of family, of innocence, and of dignity. However, whereas April is just beginning her quest for self-realization, Mosionier shares with us how she has found fulfillment – artistically, politically, and personally. She also includes the recovery of her powerful bond with her mother, a bond nearly destroyed by the family’s separation in 1952.

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