A Time Smart Solution

A Time Smart Solution for Change in a Teaching Position

When you change grades or schools, either by choice or by direction, expect to work harder until you have settled

From 101 Time Smart Solutions for Teachers

From 101 Time Smart Solutions for Teachers

into your new job. If you move to a new grade in the same shcool, you are most likely planning and preparing for new students, a new curriculum, different grade-team members, and perhaps, a new classroom. However, if you change schools, you have a different community, policies and procedures, building, staff, and students to become acquainted with. If you are new to the teaching profession, you have everything new to assimilate. Try to view change as growth—you have new goals to set and strive for. The attitude you bring to the change will directly impact your level of success.

If you change schools, use the “Things I Wish I Knew Checklist” shown to the right. (click on the image to download the checklist) If possible, visit your new school in advance. Get to know the policies, procedures, building layout, and school personnel. Having this information will help to ease your transition.

Please note that the above information is taken from the P&M Press publication 101 Time Smart Solutions for Teachers by Thea Morris. For more information or to order this title visit www.pandmpress.com.

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