Fostering a Home-School Connection in Kindergarten Plus!

Ziploc Take-Home Activities for the Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten Plus! author Joni Bowman relates that it is essential that you build an effective partnership between home and school. As educators, we want children to receive the critical message that both home and school value learning. Studies show that children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their child’s education. Keeping parents involved and informed can be accomplished using a number of strategies. In Kindergarten Plus!, Joni includes many creative ways, such as the Ziploc Take-Home activities, that further enhance your kindergarten program and provide an enjoyable learning link between home and school.

The 50 Ziplock Take-Home activities are designed to reinforce a variety of mathematics, literacy, and fine-motor skills introduced throughout the program. Download for free a sample of the Kindergarten Plus! Ziploc Take-Home activities by clicking on the pdf file, kziplock.

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