Inquiry – the teaching method where mistakes matter!

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Did you know your brain rewires and makes new connections whenever you notice you have made a mistake and again when you correct a mistake? Each time you fail you provide feedback to your brain. Knowing this about the brain, we believe we should teach in a way that maximizes learning from mistakes, taking appropriate risks, as well as listening and learning from others. In the classroom, failing at something gives students the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, what went well, and what changes need to be implemented in similar situations. In a way, we should be thankful for our mistakes, because they encourage us to be more curious and strengthen our thinking skills.

Inquiry is a process that allows us to celebrate failing well and provides timely feedback to students on their learning. Many curriculum documents say we should teach through inquiry but don’t always provide a clear approach to make this type of teaching happen in the classroom.

In our book, Bold School: An Inquiry Model to Transform Teaching, we examine what inquiry is and break it down into manageable steps that can be used with any K-12 age group. Our work is based on current research, as well as on the classroom experiences of many educators. We investigate different types of thinking and the mistake making that occurs throughout the learning process. Through inquiry we can teach students to:

  • Ask effective questions.
  • Research.
  • Notice when information is missing.
  • Explore new avenues of research.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Conduct additional research.
  • Compare findings.
  • Determine conclusions based on multiple sources of evidence.
  • Imagine the kinds of age-appropriate changes and contributions they can make.

We hope students and teachers will continue to make mistakes as they work together to learn more about real issues and make positive changes to their lives or the lives of others.

by guest contributors
Tina Jagdeo and Lara Jenson
–authors and educators

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Even more inquiry & inclusive education books are coming, too!

Achieving Indigenous Student Success: a Guide for Secondary Classrooms by Pamela Rose Toulouse

  • In Achieving Indigenous Student Success, author Pamela Toulouse provides strategies, lessons, and hands-on activities that support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners in the secondary classroom. While the author’s primary focus is the needs of Indigenous students, this book is for all teachers of grades 9–12 who are looking for ways to infuse Indigenous world-views into their courses. Ideas include wise practices such as retention/transition/graduation planning, differentiated instruction, assessment, and equity instruction. Using appropriate themes for curricular connections, the author presents a culturally relevant and holistic approach that helps to build bridges between cultures and fosters self-esteem in all students.
  • You can pre-order NOW from our website!



One Without the Other: Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion by Shelley Moore

  • In One Without the Other: Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion, Shelley Moore explores the changing landscape of inclusive education. Presented through real stories from her own classroom experience, this passionate and creative educator tackles such things as inclusion as a philosophy and practice, the difference between integration and inclusion, and how inclusion can work with a variety of students and abilities. Explorations of differentiation, the role of special education teachers and others, and universal design for learning all illustrate the evolving discussion on special education and teaching to all learners. This book will be of interest to all educators, from special ed teachers, educational assistants and resource teachers, to classroom teachers, administrators, and superintendents.
  • You can pre-order NOW from our website!
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