5 Summer Reading Necessities

PMPSummer_58BJuly is here, and that means it’s time to soak up the two hottest months of the northern hemisphere’s year. Summer is all about hitting the beach, going hiking, heading out to the lake and enjoying some well-deserved time off with your loved ones, but our favourite summer activity is crossing books off that ever-growing reading list. Here’s our list of the absolutely essential things you need to pack in your bookbag this summer.

A good pair of sunglasses
The sun is tough on your eyes, and it can be even tougher when the light rays bounce off the white pages of your book and right into your retinas. Even if you’re not staring into the sun, be sure to get a nice pair of sunnies (that match your bookbag, natch) so you can keep reading and relaxing for summers to come.

Reusable water bottle
Stay hydrated, people.

The perfect picnic blanket
To make your reading spot as comfortable as possible, remember to pack a thin, foldable blanket to spread out on the ground, or if it’s a breezy day, wrap around your shoulders. It’ll keep those new white shorts from getting grass stains.

Sunscreen with a high SPF
When you get lost in a good book, your mind wanders off and you lose track of time. It’s the best feeling in the world – but not if you’re in the blazing sun. Be sure to protect your skin so you don’t have to deal with that sore, flaky burn. Ouch!

Portage & Main Press’s summer reading bundle

You don’t want to go through your reading list too quickly, especially when half the fun is building it up. Get our three-book summer reading bundle – including Come Walk With Me, The Evolution of Alice, and The Stone Collection for only $50 and only this summer, including free shipping, right here.


Come Walk With Me:
In 1983, the book In Search of April Raintree was published to great acclaim, heralding the voice of an important new writer, Beatrice Mosionier (then Culleton). With honesty and clarity, Mosionier explored the story of two Métis sisters as they struggle with loss, identity, and racism. Yet readers have long asked: How much of April’s story comes from the author’s own life?

Come Walk With Me, Beatrice’s answer to that question, is a moving memoir that follows a bewildered three-year-old through a dramatic journey to adulthood. She recounts a life that, at times, parallels that of her most memorable fictional character, and at others, diverges from it. Mosionier searches to make sense of her losses—her sundered family, her innocence, and her dignity—to triumph as a woman and as a writer, fulfilled artistically, politically, and personally.

The Evolution of Alice: This haunting, emotionally resonant story delivers us into the world of Alice, a single mother raising her three young daughters on the rez where she grew up. Alice has never had an easy life, but has managed to get by with the support of her best friend, Gideon, and her family. When an unthinkable loss occurs, Alice is forced onto a different path, one that will challenge her belief in herself and the world she thought she knew. The Evolution of Alice is the kaleidoscopic story of one woman’s place within the web of community. Peopled with unforgettable characters and told from multiple points of view, this is a novel where spirits are alive, forgiveness is possible, and love is the only thing that matters.

The Stone Collection: In these 14 unique stories, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm takes on complex and dangerous emotions, exploring the gamut of modern Anishinaabe experience. Through unforgettable characters, these stories—about love and lust, suicide and survival, illness and wholeness—illuminate the strange workings of the human heart.

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