Best (Inside) Places to Read

IMG_8311Are you an indoor person? We can be too. It’s nice to be outside when it’s nice outside, but sometimes, enjoying the summer sun is impossible – it’s too hot, or it’s storming, or the bugs won’t stop landing on your page. Why not stay inside instead and enjoy the great indoors (and a good book)?

Here’s our list of our favourite places to snuggle up to the AC and turn pages in temperature-controlled comfort.

Catch up at a coffee shop
Hot drinks and books have been best friends since the dawn of time. Find a local coffee shop that’s cool with you staying for a while, grab your favourite latte (perhaps even in a real mug!), and hunker down in a cozy leather armchair to catch up on your reading.

We recommend Indigenous Writes – perfect for stimulating insightful conversation while catching up with your friends over a round of coffee.

Buy a new page-turner at a bookstore
This one might be obvious, but bookstores are the best place to find your new paper friend and take them home forever. Once you make a purchase, many stores invite you to stay for a while and explore your new books – perhaps at an in-house coffee shop or simply in a classic sturdy armchair. You might have to buy another book if you get caught up reading!

Build a blanket fort
Why go out? Pile your own bed or couch with your fluffiest pillows, softest blankets, and piles of your old favourites and hide away for a few hours. Make a rule for yourself: no phones, no computers, no screens – just you and your books. You might not want to leave!

This one is especially great if you have little ones – they can pick their favourites from the Seven Teachings Stories to bring with them to the fort!

Take a trip to the library
No budget? No problem! Your public library has thousands of titles waiting for you to read them for free. Libraries have changed a lot in the past few years – many of them have upgraded and you can search and reserve your titles online before you make a visit. But you can also do it the old-fashioned way – spend some time wandering the aisles and collect an arm-weakening pile of books to take home.

On your commute (as a passenger, of course)
There’s no better way to pass the time than with reading! Long weekends are the time for road trips, so when your driving shift is over and you’re sitting in the backseat, stretch out your legs (as much as you can) and pull out your summer read. Or if you’re traveling solo, listening to an audiobook (like The Evolution of Alice or April Raintree) can do the trick too!

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