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Blog_HandsOnSciCan you smell that crisp, clean fall air? Or perhaps the freshly sharpened pencils? Is that you, back-to-school season?

Our favourite time of the year is here – time to pull on a sweater and fill your backpack with brand new books. Just in time for the season, we’re releasing new editions of Hands-On Science for Ontario, Grades 1-3! They’re rolling out (and shipping out) over the next month so you can have them for the new school year. We get a lot of questions about the different editions of Hands-On Science (with good reason – we have a lot of editions), so we decided to lay it all out so you can decide which edition is the best for you.

Ontario vs. WNCP editions – which will work for me?
The Ontario editions are designed specifically for Ontario curriculum. The WNCP editions (that’s Western and Northern Canadian Provinces) are more general and designed for widespread use throughout the country. You’re free to use whichever edition you want, of course – but they are more tailored to each of those regions.

New editions – coming soon!
If you’ve tried to order Hands-On Science for Ontario lately, you may have noticed that certain editions are unavailable or only available for pre-order. That’s because the new editions of Hands-On Science for Ontario are rolling out! Grade 1 and 2 are available for order now, Grade 3 will be available at the end of this month, and Grades 4-6 will be available early next year.

The new editions focus on and feature the following:

  • the components of an inquiry-based scientific and technological approach
  • Indigenous knowledge and perspective embedded in lesson plans
  • a four-part instructional process—activate, action, consolidate and debrief, and enhance
  • an emphasis on technology, sustainability, and differentiated instruction
  • a fully developed assessment plan that includes opportunities for assessment for, as, and of learning
  • a focus on real-life technological problem solving
  • learning centres that focus on multiple intelligences and universal design for learning (UDL)
  • land-based learning activities
  • a bank of science related images

Digital Reproducible Masters – Do I need them?
The digital reproducible masters are just the reproducible sections of Hands-On Science. We make it easy – no scanning in and copying, they come in a PDF form and you print the page out directly from your computer as you need it. These are designed as a companion to the lesson plans, and contain no lesson plans themselves.

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