Cozy up with one of our 2018 titles

Winter has arrived here on the prairies, and with the change of seasons and the new year right around the corner, there’s no better time to curl up with one of our 2018 titles!

Whether you’re looking for a thought-provoking read to explore, or you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect book:

A Girl Called Echo Vol 2: Red River Resistance
A Girl Called Echo Vol 2:
Red River Resistance

Red River Resistance is volume two in the graphic novel series, A Girl Called Echo, written by Governor General Award–winner Katherena Vermette, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson, and coloured by Donovan Yaciuk.

This latest instalment picks up where Pemmican Wars left off, and sees Echo Desjardins adjusting to her new home, making new friends, and discovering more about her Métis heritage.

Echo also can’t stop slipping back and forth in time, and one afternoon, she finds herself transported to the banks of the Red River in the summer of 1869. The Métis families there, who have lived along the river for generations, struggle to be recognized as their land is sold out from under them.

As Echo travels back and forth through time, she witnesses tensions build, as the initially peaceful resistance against Canadian surveyors turns violent.

Awâsis and the World-Famous Bannock

Awâsis and the World-Famous Bannock

Awâsis and the World-Famous Bannock is a playful story written by Dallas Hunt and illustrated by Amanda Strong which celebrates Cree dialects and traditional ways of storytelling.

The story focuses on Awâsis, who loses her Kôhkum’s freshly baked world-famous bannock during an unfortunate mishap and seeks out help from a variety of other-than-human relatives.

This whimsical story introduces Cree words and pronunciations for different animals and baking ingredients, and comes with a recipe for Kôhkum’s World-Famous Bannock!

Surviving The City by Tasha Spillett 2018
Surviving the City
Vol. 1

Surviving the City, written by Tasha Spillett  and illustrated by Natasha Donovan, is one book in The Debwe Series and tells a story of kinship, cultural resurgence, resilience, and the anguish of a missing loved one.

The story focuses on Miikwan and Dez, teenage girls of (respectively) Anishinaabe and Inninew descent, who together face the challenges of growing up Indigenous in an urban landscape. However, after Dez’s grandmother becomes too sick to take care of her, Dez is faced with living in a group home. With this threat looming, Dez can’t bring herself to go home and disappears.

Miikwan is devastated at her friend’s disappearance, and losing Dez reopens old wounds from when her mother went missing. She finds herself wondering: will her community find Dez in time, and will she be able to cope if they don’t?


Monsters is the second novel in David A. Robertson’s The Reckoner trilogy, and picks up the story of Cole Harper, a young man struggling to settle into life in Wounded Sky First Nation.

Cole may have stopped a serial killer, but his adventure is far from over: the health clinic has been shut down by a mysterious organization, questions still remain about his parents’ death, and there’s a creature lurking in the dark heart of Blackwood Forest.

As Cole continues to seek the truth about the problems facing Wounded Sky First Nation, he digs further into the mysterious circumstances surrounding his parents’ disappearance…

Watch for book 3, Ghosts, coming in 2019!


Gifts for Teachers

Whether you’re an educator looking for a thought-provoking gift for a colleague, or looking to expand on your current educational resources for your classroom, we’ve got a great lineup of titles also released this past year:

Hands-On Science and Technology for Ontario

The Hands-on Science and Technology books are an instructional program for elementary science teachers in Ontario. If you live outside of Ontario, make sure to take a look at the Hands-On Science books for other provinces.

This practical guide is based on the latest research in science education and is a valuable resource for building a comprehensive and authentic assessment plan which focuses on the Achievement Levels outlined in the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum. The new editions embed Indigenous perspectives and knowledge in lesson plans, to help you incorporate authentic Indigenous content in the classroom.

Potlatch as Pedagogy

Potlatch as Pedagogy is the result of a collaboration between father and daughter Sara Florence Davidson and Robert Davidson.

In 1969, a potlatch was held to mark the raising of a totem pole carved by Robert, the first the community had seen in nearly 80 years. His daughter, Sara Florence Davidson, became an educator, and through the course of her own education came to see how the traditions of the Haida practiced by her father could be integrated into contemporary educational practices.

Potlatch as Pedagogy offers a hopeful and eloquent model for learning which is holistic, relational, practical, and continuous.


Ensouling Our Schools

Ensouling Our Schools is one book in the Teaching to Diversity series, and is written by Jennifer Katz with Kevin Lamoureux, and includes a foreword by Ry Moran.

Authors Jennifer Katz and Kevin Lamoureux weave their experiences as educators and advocates together to present a framework for creating educational communities which offer meaning and purpose while developing intellectual thought and critical analysis.


Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools

In Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools, author Pamela Rose Toulouse offers the latest information, personal insights, authentic resources, and lesson plans and interactive strategies which support Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners in the classroom.

This book is a terrific resource for teachers who are interested in finding ways to respectfully include residential school history, treaty education, First Nations/Métis/Inuit perspectives and sacred circle teachings, and Indigenous contributions into their courses and curriculum.

Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools is a “must-have” resource for any educator looking to respectfully facilitate relationship building and engage in reconciliation activities.

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