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Highly recommended! I’m going to shout about this book to friends and colleagues.

—Debbie Reese, AICL

Congratulations to Tasha Spillett and Natasha Donovan

Surviving the City Best Canadian Comics of 2018 by CBC Books

Congratulations to David A. Robertson

The Reckoner Trilogy Monsters among Best Canadian YA Literature of 2018 — CBC Books

Congratulations to Katherena Vermette and Scott B. Henderson

Red River Resistance Best Canadian Comics of 2018 by CBC Books

Inspired by Haida Ceremonial Practice

by Sara Florence Davidson and Robert Davidson Wonderfully wise, hopeful, heartful, eloquent, and loving. —Dr. Carl Leggo, UBC



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    Spring break is right around the corner, and is a time for both you and your students to recharge. After the break, what can you and your students do to stay recharged during the rest of the school year? In Ensouling Our Schools: A Universally […]


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