A Model Unit for Grade 3: Attracting and Repelling

Connecting with Canadians, Forces That Attract and Repel
by Jennifer Katz

Grade: for grade 3
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The model unit Attracting and Repelling integrates major themes based on Canadian curricula for the first term of the grade 3 school year. The unit is designed for all learners and includes:

  • Connecting with Canadians, a social studies topic
  • Forces That Attract and Repel, a science topic
  • Statistics, a mathematics topic

Other disciplines integrated into the unit are physical education and health, language arts, and fine arts.

Throughout, teachers will find differentiated activities based on multiple intelligences to inspire diverse students and accommodate their individual learning styles. The unit includes:

  • Activity cards in colour for multiple intelligences work centres
  • Planners that outline the essential understandings, essential questions, and final inquiry projects for the unit
  • Rubrics, based on Bloom’s taxonomy, that show a progression of conceptual thinking from rote, basic understanding to synthesized, higher-order analysis

Teachers can use this model unit as a template for planning subsequent thematic units for the rest of the school year.

A Model Unit is one book in the series Tools for Instruction and Reading Assessment. The series consists of twenty-four books that are companion pieces to Teaching to Diversity: The Three Block Model of Universal Design for Learning by Dr. Katz.

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