6. Ancient China

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In World History: Societies of the Past eTexts students explore societies of the past and see the influences and impact history has on their lives today. Etexts can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on multiple devices including iPads, Android tablets, and mobile devices.

This easy-to-understand and in-depth look at human societies spans human history from the earliest known hunters-gatherers to the beginnings of modern-day societies (1850 CE). A chronological approach explores social, environmental, political, economic, cultural, and technological issues that remain relevant in today’s world.

To help your students visualize historical situations and events, eTexts include many beneficial tools such as vibrant illustrations, detailed diagrams, timelines, stories of everyday people, as well as questions, quick facts and summaries.

In Ancient China, Chinese civilization is explored throughout its various dynasties. Students will discover the fascinating legacy of this ancient society from inventions such as gunpowder and paper to engineering marvels such as the Great Wall.


World History: Societies of the Past Teacher’s Guide is available here.


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