Bold School

An Inquiry Model to Transform Teaching
by Tina Jagdeo | Lara Jensen

Grade: for all teachers
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The move toward teaching through inquiry is evident in curriculum documents across the continent. In this book, you’ll find a clear approach for incorporating inquiry into your classroom.

Based on current research and solid classroom experience, authors Tina Jagdeo and Lara Jensen examine what inquiry is, then break it down into manageable steps that can be used with any K–12 age group. They explore and explain each step, providing real-life classroom examples.

The Bold School model

  • provides a four-step inquiry process as a manageable way to deepen understanding and solve a problem or issue.
  • focuses on the importance of critical, creative and compassionate thinking skills in today’s world.
  • uses provocations to kickstart inquiry and encourage students to wonder.
  • builds a toolkit of strategies for research.
  • encourages divergent thinking to brainstorm ways students can make a difference in local and global contexts.
  • explores a variety of ways to take action.
  • shows administrators how to support teachers to teach through inquiry.

An ERAC Evaluated & Approved Resource

Read the eBook (ePub, pdf) on iPad, Tablet, iPhone, and Android.

The authors’ insights into planning, assessing and supporting students are clear, detailed and easy to adapt to your own teaching. Anyone…would benefit from reading this book, which offers approaches on how to build more inquiry into learning environments.
—Kerry Zinkiewich for Professionally Speaking



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