Canada, A Country of Change

1867 to Present
by Graham Broad | Matthew Rankin

Grade: for grade 6
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  • Hardcover

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Canada, A Country of Change: 1867 to Present* explores the characters and events that have shaped Canada. Through Confederation, two world wars, the Depression, and post-war prosperity, Canada has evolved into the free country we know today. In this book, your students will read the stories and “meet” the people who have helped to make Canada into one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Your students will also be intrigued by the addition of:

  • historical photographs, art, and artifacts
  • primary archival documents, including letters and other first-person accounts
  • sidebars that extend the main text
  • profiles of Canada’s prime ministers
  • little-known facts that connect history to real-life experiences
  • maps and charts designed for young readers

and much more!

*Produced in partnership with the Manitoba Department of Education, Citizenship and Youth.

Recommended by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth as a Manitoba grade 6 Social Studies Learning Resource


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