Gingerbread Man (Unit 4)

From Kindergarten Plus!
by Joni Bowman

Grade: for JK–K
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  • Softcover

Have your students run, run, as fast as they can, to the exciting hands-on activities in the popular unit, Gingerbread Man. Activities include:

  • comparing different versions of the gingerbread man story
  • making candy patterns on gingerbread man cutouts
  • being introduced to simple addition and subtraction
  • estimating handfuls of buttons, cubes, and gingerbread counters
  • learning about Canadian coins, and using pennies, nickels, and dimes to purchase materials to decorate a class gingerbread man
  • being introduced to the concept of area by covering a gingerbread man with marshmallow
  • graphing our favourite gingerbread man story
  • baking and decorating gingerbread man cookies
  • reciting gingerbread poems and songs

and much more!

Gingerbread Man is one unit in Kindergarten Plus! Each unit delivers a developmentally appropriate approach for teaching and learning. Kindergarten students will learn through active engagement, hands-on activities, observations, experimentation, and social interaction with others.

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