Good Boys

by GMB Chomichuk | illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

Grade: for grades 5–8
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Pub Date: 04/27/2021
  • Softcover

In a world of Cats and Dogs, which would you be?

When some Cats at school bully the Dogs, Oliver doesn’t say anything; he doesn’t want to get bullied too.

But as the new president drags the country into a civil war, the bullying doesn’t stop at the school yard gate. Soon, the city is out of control: signs and protests, fights and rallies rattle the city. Then Oliver’s classmates, mostly Dogs, disappear from school, and they don’t come back.

It’s almost too late when Oliver’s parents realize they must get out of the City. When the fighting breaks out, Mom and Dad’s old military unit, the Good Boys, must fight their way clear of a regime that wants to put half its population on a leash.

In Good Boys, author, artist, and educator GMB Chomichuk asks readers to examine their own biases. Where is bias learned? What are the consequences when bias goes unchecked? Using Cats and Dogs as an analogy, this stunning graphic novel presents a nonthreatening platform to discuss the difficult subject of bias with your students.


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