Grade 6, Digital Reproducible Masters for Problem Solving

From Hands-On Problem Solving: A Minds-On Appoach
by Jennifer Lawson

Grade: for grade 6


  • eBook

Reproducible masters (RMs) are an integral part of the Hands-On program and provide additional learning opportunities for students. To facilitate use of new technologies in your classroom, all RMs found in your Hands-On Problem Solving book are available in digital format (a printable PDF). The Digital Reproducible Masters (DRMs) are identical to the masters found in the Hands-On Problem Solving books.

To purchase your digital RMs, please select Add to Cart, and proceed to checkout. When your checkout is complete, you will find a downloadable link to the DRMs in your account.

Please note: Digital Reproducible Masters for Problem Solving does not include lesson plans. Lesson plans are available in the Hands-On Problem Solving book only.

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