I Will See You Again

by Lisa Boivin | illustrated by Lisa Boivin

Grade: for all ages
This item will be released on February 20, 2020.


  • Hardcover

When the author learns of the death of her brother overseas, she embarks on a journey to bring him home. Through memories and dreams of all they shared together and through her Dene traditions, she finds comfort and strength. The lyrical art and story leave readers with a universal message of hope and love.


Lisa Boivin’s art and words sings to me of wonder, love, movement, spirit and heart.  Impossibly tender and beautiful.  I find myself getting lost in its color, text and beauty. You will love this book.
—Si’Yam Lee Maracle, award-winning author

While this farewell journey is personal and specific, it holds universal wisdom for those coming to terms with loss. Attractive and compact, this memorable book guides mourners to a place of acceptance and serenity.
—Jill Bryant, Quill & Quire

Lisa Boivin has given us a comfort for anyone grieving. I Will See You Again is woven with such thoughtfulness and sincerity that I am moved to remember that with grief, there can be honouring. With sorrow, there can be celebration for a life so cherished. This book is all love, and it’s a reminder that we will see those we love and miss once again and, until then, we can proudly carry their hopes, dreams and stories along with our own.
—Richard Van Camp, award-winning author

This is a beautiful and much needed practical resource.  Using clear language and powerful, engaging, and beautiful illustrations we are shown a healing pathway through the grief and loss of a loved family member.
—Dr. Janet Smylie, University of Toronto


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