Multimedia Text Sets

Changing the Shape of Engagement and Learning
by Janice Marcuccilli Strop | Jennifer Carlson

Grade: for grades 7–9
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Foreword by P. David Pearson

Today’s multimedia, multimodal world necessitates literacy instruction that includes a variety of text forms (such as film, print, music, Internet, photographs). Strop and Carlson provide all types of learners with the lifelong tools they need to explore and interpret texts. This book will help teachers and students reach beyond printed texts to expand perspectives, understand different text forms and genres, make intertextual connections, and transcend strategy-based instruction.

Multimedia Text Sets includes:

  • ideas for explicit teaching of how to read different forms and genres of texts.
  • real stories, which demonstrate the power of multiple literacies, from three teachers who incorporate multimedia text sets in their classrooms.
  • engaging ideas for instruction you can use to help develop your own students’ reading/writing practices with a variety of text forms.
  • practical suggestions on how to create your own multimedia text sets.

Contributors to this book are Holly Dionne, Richard Kuhnen, and Stephanie Reid.

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