Parent/Teacher Guide

for When We Were Alone
by Susy Komishin

Grade: for all teachers
(11 customer reviews)
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The Parent/Teacher Guide provides ideas for parents and teachers sharing and discussing themes—sometimes difficult ones—that are presented in the story When We Were Alone.  With this story, parents and educators can discuss diverse perspectives, experiences, and traditions with young readers that foster a deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings and of our relationships with others.

This guide presents:

  • Key concepts of residential schools and Indigenous perspectives.
  • Ideas to guide student learning.
  • Approaches and suggestions that guide the reading.
  • Discussion topics and activities to deepen readers’ understanding of the abstract concepts addressed in the story.
  • A Cree word list.

11 reviews for Parent/Teacher Guide

  1. Rukiya Saad

    Amazing resource

  2. Rosemary Guyette

    Have read the book, looking forward to seeing the guide, so my rating is for the book.

  3. Michelle Seaman

    What a special book about children being forced into a culture. Yet, these children keep their culture that is valued! Love this book!

  4. Michelle Seaman

    What an amazing story about children being forced into a culture. Yet, these children keep and value their own culture! A beautifully written story!

  5. Sara Armitage

    An amazing resource for our youngest learners to begin the discussion.

  6. Penny

    nice book

  7. Julia Smith

    Great resource to ignite a meaningful conversation with children about the residential schools.

  8. Elvira benson

    Love this, and my children loved it too.

  9. anne brown

    an excellent resource

  10. Renee Gokey

    The book is excellent. I look forward to seeing the parent guide and using it with my children.
    The book makes me think of my grandmother’s experience in the U.S.

  11. Anna

    A long overdue important resource. Thank you!

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