Spring Is Here (Unit 8)

From Kindergarten Plus
by Joni Bowman

Grade: for kindergarten
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  • Softcover

In Spring Is Here, your kindergarten students will be involved in a variety of hands-on activities that focus on welcoming spring. Activities include:

  • comparing and contrasting the different season
  • planting and measuring the growth of bean plants
  • estimating, counting, sorting, and patterning different varieties of seeds
  • sequencing the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • reviewing and ordering the days of the week
  • investigating the different signs of spring
  • creating verses to new and familiar poems
  • identifying punctuation symbols
  • reviewing basic sight words in our weekly poems and identifying rhyming words, descriptive words, and words that end with “ing”
  • identifying and sequencing the life cycle of a butterfly

and much more!

Spring Is Here is one unit in Kindergarten Plus! Each unit delivers a developmentally appropriate approach for teaching and learning. Kindergarten students will learn through active engagement, hands-on activities, observations, experimentation, and social interaction with others.

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