Statistics and Probability, Grade 4

A Hands-On Mathematics Module (WNCP Edition)
by Jennifer Lawson

Grade: for grade 4
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  • Softcover

This module focuses on different strategies to collect and organize data, interpreting the information, and using it to draw conclusions and extending the information. Students are introduced to the concept of “many-to-one-correspondence” for presentation and interpretation of data, and learn to read information in one format and transfer it to a different graphic organizer or tool. As well, student have the opportunity to use technology to create data management presentations.

Also included:

  • materials lists
  • activity descriptions
  • questioning techniques
  • problem-solving examples
  • activity centre and extension ideas
  • assessment suggestions
  • activity sheets and visuals

All modules include a list of children’s books and websites related to the mathematics topics introduced, a detailed introduction to the Hands-On Mathematics program (guiding principles, implementation guidelines, an overview of the skills that students use and develop during mathematics inquiry), and a classroom assessment plan and record-keeping templates.


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