Teacher Guide for Stand Like a Cedar

by Peggy Janicki | with Lesley Peterson

Grade: for all teachers
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  • Softcover

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Explore sustainability, Indigenous perspectives, and connection to the land with Stand Like a Cedar, and this accompanying teacher guide. In this beautiful journey of discovery through the wilderness, teachers will find opportunities to connect to land-based learning, sustainability, and community citizenship.

The lesson plans in this guide

  • focus on the whole-child and holistic approach to learning
  • are based on the 5 R’s of Indigenous Research (Respect, Reciprocity, Relevance, Responsibility, and Relationships)
  • develop students’ sense of place, with a focus on respecting the land and teaching for sustainable development
  • emphasize the importance of vocabulary and language
  • are appropriate to a range of learners in grades 1–4 and beyond
  • incorporates Big Ideas applicable to ELA, science, and social studies

Discover new sights and sounds with every read as students learn about what it means to “stand like a cedar.”


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