Teaching Art

A Complete Guide for the Classroom
by Rhian Brynjolson

Grade: for grades pre-K–8
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  • Softcover

Teaching Art: A Complete Guide for the Classroom is an accessible and clearly written guide for integrating visual art into classroom practice. Revised and expanded from the author’s previous bestselling resource, Art & Illustration, Teaching Art incorporates new developments in art education. Throughout the book, you will find suggestions for extending and adapting art exercises to meet the needs of both your students and the curriculum.

This new edition includes:

  • how to set up an art-friendly classroom
  • how to teach drawing skills
  • how to integrate art with core curricula
  • how to use art and illustration as a companion to writing
  • a chapter on art and assessment
  • the basic art elements and principles
  • colour mixing and colour theory
  • strategies to encourage creativity and problem solving
  • new chapters on sculpture, photography, video, multimedia, installation, and performance art
  • featured artists and art teachers who share their best practices
  • updated list of picture books, including several new children’s books and illustrator

…and much more!


Teaching Art is written for classroom teachers, art education specialists, childcare workers, artists working in schools, parents who home-school their children, and school administrators. It can also be used as a university textbook for Education students. The book provides a framework for teaching art in a way that is integrated with regular classroom practice and mindful of current art curriculum outcomes. Although the book focuses on art for primary and middle-school students from pre-school to grade eight, Teaching Art is also useful to art specialists at the high-school level who are looking for new strategies or project ideas to add to their established secondary programs.

Canadian Art Educator of the Year Award, 2014

Recommended by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth as a Visual Arts Grade 5–8  Learning Resource

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