The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook

ELL for Every Classroom Teacher
by Barbara Law|Mary Eckes

Grade: for all teachers
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  • Softcover
  • eBook

This revised and expanded edition of the 1990 bestseller includes the latest research in language acquisition: how to teach reading and writing and how to develop listening and speaking skills. It is filled with the authors’ trademark anecdotes and practical advice, based on their many years of experience working with ELL students. Strategies for teaching the four literacy skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—are enhanced by student examples and illustrations. To help you personalize the theory discussed, each chapter includes a section with questions and case studies so you can apply the information to your own school and issues.

In this new edition, you’ll find great suggestions on how to

  • familiarize your ELL students with the school and classmates
  • measure reading, writing, speaking, and listening fluency
  • recognize and help students cope with culture shock
  • enrich your reading and writing programs
  • recognize the different needs of your students—with effective strategies for each level of literacy
  • teach language through content
  • help ELL students succeed in the content areas
  • tap the resources of your school and community


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