The World Today

Its People and Places
by Michele Visser-Wikkerink | William Norton | Linda Connor

Grade: for grade 7
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  • Hardcover

This exciting student textbook presents a contemporary global look at human geography. The World Today: Its People and Places connects your students to different cultures and geographical areas, and helps them develop a sense of global awareness and responsible citizenship.

This engaging textbook includes unique and interesting features designed to help your students become geographically literate.

Explore the world with your students using:

  • hundreds of illustrations and stunning photographs of people and places
  • detailed maps, charts, and graphs
  • quotations from contemporary international and Canadian public figures
  • hundreds of glossary terms conveniently highlighted in the text
  • guiding questions; concluding and summary comments

Special-interest icons that appear throughout the textbook guide your students to further learning adventures, discussion topics, media investigations, opportunities for developing social studies skills, informative Internet sites, and much more.


This book has an accompanying website that includes updates on such key topics as the growth of world population and conflict situations:

Recommended as a Manitoba grade 7 social studies learning resource

Recommended for a Saskatchewan middle level social studies clasrooms


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