Writing Across the Curriculum

All Teachers Teach Writing, Revised Edition
by Shelley S. Peterson

Grade: for grades 4-8
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As the amount of curriculum in today’s classrooms expands and teaching time seems to shrink, teachers are looking for ways to integrate content area and writing instruction. In this revised and expanded edition of Writing Across the Curriculum, Shelley S. Peterson shows teachers how to weave writing and content area instruction together in their classrooms. The author provides practical and helpful ideas for classroom teachers and content-area  specialists to easily incorporate writer’s workshop while teaching in their subject area.

New features in this second edition include:

  • internet websites that can be used to teach writing (e.g., wiki’s, weblogs, and digital storytelling)
  • examples from grades 4-8 classrooms that show how science, social studies, health, and mathematics teachers can also be teachers of poetry, narrative, and non-narrative writing
  • new assessment scoring guides
  • information on working with struggling writers and supporting English Language Learners
  • graphic organizers, templates, and mini-lessons that engage students in learning
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1 review for Writing Across the Curriculum

  1. David Booth

    In this excellent book, Shelley S. Peterson has made a clear case for embedding the writing
    process within all of the curriculum areas. This practical book offers theory, information, and
    mini-lessons filled with techniques and strategies to teach writing in the content areas. It also
    offers helpful guides for conferring and assessing studentsí growth as writers. With this bookís
    support, we can indeed all be writing teachers and promote effective writing in every field.

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