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Social and Environmental Impact


Portage & Main Press/HighWater Press (PMP/HWP) is conducting a six-month trial of a four-day workweek. From July to December 2023, the PMP/HWP office will be closed on Fridays as part of this trial.

Research by 4-Day Week Global shows that a shorter workweek can reduce employee stress and burnout, contribute to gender equality, and even increase sales and productivity.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to employee well-being and our dedication to publishing great books while supporting our creators. By implementing a four-day workweek, we aim to offer more rest and personal development time for our team while maintaining our high standards by focusing on the work that truly matters.

We believe that this experiment will bring numerous benefits. We appreciate your understanding and support as we embrace a more sustainable and fulfilling work environment.

Curious about bringing a four-day workweek to your own company? Read more about it here.