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Virtual Book Launch

Virtual Book Launch

By Press Staff | Date: October 07, 2022

HighWater Press invites you to join us in celebration of Amō’s Sapotawan

About the event

Join us for a virtual celebration of the release of Amō’s Sapotawan—book two in the The Six Seasons of the Asiniskaw Ithiniwak series.

Hear from the book’s author William Dumas, illustrator Rhian Brynjolson as well as panelists Mavis Reimer, Margaret Dumas, and host Warren Cariou.

This free event will be streamed live via Zoom

Tuesday, October 11

at 4:00PM PT/ 7:00PM ET.


About the book

Rocky Cree people understand that all children are born with four gifts or talents. When a child is old enough, they decide which gift, or mīthikowisiwin, they will seek to master. With her sapotawan ceremony fast approaching, Amō must choose her mīthikowisiwin. Her sister, Pīsim, became a midwife; others gather medicines or harvest fish. But none of those feel quite right.

Amō has always loved making things. Her uncle can show her how to make nipisiwata, willow baskets. Her grandmother can teach her how to make kwakwāywata, birchbark containers and plates. Her auntie has offered to begin Amō’s apprenticeship in making askihkwak, pottery.

What will Amō’s mīthikowisiwin be? Which skill should she choose? And how will she know what is right for her?