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Hands-On Problem Solving, Grade 6

A Minds-On Approach

By Jennifer E. Lawson
Contributions by Leanna Crawshaw, Dianne Soltess, Meagan Mutchmor, Tina Jagdeo, and Lara Jensen
Categories: Education, Mathematics, Elementary
Series: Hands-On Problem Solving
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Softcover, coil bound : 9781553793649, 261 pages, October 2013


Hands-On Problem Solving is essential to learning mathematics. When actively engaged in problem solving, students use all the mathematical processes they need in order to achieve the goals of mathematics education and to support lifelong learning. In Hands-On Problem Solving, students are exposed to a wide range of problems in all areas of mathematics. They solve these problems by applying a combination of mathematical knowledge, tools, and strategies. They also explore a variety of methods for solving and confirming their solutions.

The ability to use mathematical knowledge to solve problems is the goal for all students. Hands-On Problem Solving is an easy-to-use resource that helps teachers plan and implement best practices to meet this goal. In this book, you will find

  • problem-solving activities to incorporate into daily mathematics classes for an entire school year
  • a correlation chart identifying the math concepts presented in each lesson
  • tasks designed for specific outcomes and learning expectations from Canadian curriculum documents
  • problems integrating other curricular areas such as language arts, science, and social studies
  • materials lists, reproducibles, assessment suggestions, and much more!

Download the FREE digital resources that accompany this book by following the instructions printed on the first page of the Appendix.