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Teacher's Guide for Pisim Finds Her Miskanaw

New Edition, Updated & Revised

Table of contents



  • The Story Behind the Story
  • Who are the Rocky Cree?
  • Where does Pīsim’s Story Take Place?
  • Six Seasons of Rocky Cree
  • Using the Teacher Guide
  • Modules and Suggested Learning Activities
  • Indigenous Pedagogy
  • Revitalizing the Rocky Cree Language
  • Pīsim Finds Her Miskanaw Picture Book App
  • Maps
  • Foreword Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources

Module 1: Maci pimahamīyin kī miskanaw (Starting Your Path): Introducing the Book

  • Placing the Book in Context
  • Discovering Picture Book Design
  • Introducing the Characters
  • Introducing the Big Ideas
  • Creating a Miskanaw Journal
  • Gathering a Bundle
  • Module 1 Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources

Module 2: Otīnawāsōwin: Gift of Bringing Life into the World

  • What’s in a Name?
  • What Is a Midwife?
  • Atamiskakiwin – Becoming a Midwife
  • Minisiwin – Family
  • A Celebration of a Rite of Passage
  • Module 2 Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources

Module 3: Miskanaw or Life Journey

  • Nīhīthow and the Life Journey
  • Living With the Cycle of the Seasons
  • Observing the Weather
  • The 13 Moons of the Rocky Cree
  • Examining Traditional Rocky Cree Culture
  • Preparation for a Journey
  • Module 3 Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources

Module 4: Wawanaskiwin: Orienteering Oneself with the Land

  • The People Were Healthy and Strong
  • Water: The Lifeline of the Rocky Cree
  • Archaeology: Telling the Story with Artifacts
  • Tools As Simple Machines
  • Toponymy: The Naming of Places
  • Building a Shelter
  • Travel Markers: Finding Your Way
  • Module 4 Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources

Module 5: Acimowina: The Power of Storytelling

  • Oral Tradition and Storytelling
  • Oral Tradition and Song
  • Imagination: Bringing the Story to Life
  • Types of Stories
  • Module 5 Blackline Masters and Teacher Resources


  • Curriculum Connections


Pīsim Finds Her Miskanaw provides groundbreaking historical information about the culture and language of the Rocky Cree people around present-day South Indian Lake, Manitoba. The Teacher’s Guide for Pīsim Finds Her Miskanaw focusses on midwifery, Miskanaw, journey making, and storytelling. The lessons and activities in the guide support the learning outcomes included in Manitoba curriculum documents. The guide emphasizes the origins of First Peoples, their connections to the land, their culture, types of leadership, the value of oral culture, and the forms of interaction before and during early contact with Europeans.