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Carole Fullerton

Carole Fullerton is passionate about mathematics instruction. Carole is a teacher-leader working in K-12 classrooms to support the development of numeracy instruction across BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and beyond. Addressing student diversity through rich questions, teaching through problem-solving and planning around the Big Math Ideas are essential aspects of her practice. In her collaborative work, she strives to engage students and their teachers in thoughtful investigations of what it means to DO math, learning through exploration, talk and play. Carole has presented extensively both nationally and internationally throughout her 28 year career, was a featured speaker at the NCTM conference in New Orleans and a keynote speaker at the North West Math Conference in Whistler, BC. Her graduate research on spatial thinking was featured at the Psychology of Mathematics Conferences in Prague, Czech Republic and also in Bergen, Norway. She has authored and co-authored more than 20 teacher resources, all of which are grounded in a teaching-though-problem-solving approach, focused on mathematical thinking, on mastery of the facts, and on the operations.  She was a Faculty Associate at Simon Fraser University where she taught in a Numeracy Graduate Diploma Program, and enjoyed shepherding teachers on their pedagogical journey. 
But her biggest accomplishment is her son Cameron — a confident, capable and flexible mathematician in his own right.

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