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Catch a Fire

Fuelling Inquiry and Passion Through Project-Based Learning

Edited by Matt Henderson
Foreword by Brian O'Leary
By Theresa Armstrong, Dr. Eva Brown, Will Burton, Jonathan Dueck, Bonnie Ferguson-Baird, Keith Fulford, Tom Lake, Dave Law, Glenys MacLeod, Jacob Mans, Bonnie Powers, Laura Sims, Sid Williamson, and Alex Wilson
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Professional Development, Inclusive Education
Paperback : 9781553797517, 224 pages, August 2019
Ebook (PDF) : 9781553797890, 200 pages, September 2019
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781553797906, 200 pages, September 2019

Table of contents





1. What Is a Project?

Matt Henderson

2. How Does Project-Based Learning Allow for the Development of the Whole Student?

Tom Lake and Bonnie Powers

3. How Can Teachers Engage Students with Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs) While Still Remaining True to the Spirit of Inquiry?

Dave Law

4. What Can We Learn When We Live the Math?

Glenys MacLeod

5. Insights from a Central American Agro-Conservation International Development Project

Laura Sims

6. How Can Projects Work for Our Most Vulnerable Learners?

Keith Fulford and Jonathan Dueck

7. How Can Project-Based Learning Work with Learners on the Autism Spectrum?

Matt Henderson

8. Getting People on Board the Project-Based Learning Bus

Sid Williamson

9. Experiencing Project-Based Learning: Beginning in Teacher Education

Theresa Armstrong and Dr. Eva Brown

10. Ecological Literacy and Project-Based Learning

Will Burton

11. One House Many Nations: Indigenous Project-Based Collaboration

Alex Wilson and Jacob Mans

12. Home-School Projects: Are They Learning the Right Stuff?

Bonnie Ferguson-Baird

Conclusion: Assessment for Continuity

Bonnie Powers and Tom Lake; Glenys MacLeod; Will Burton; Bonnie Ferguson-Baird; Laura Sims; Matt Henderson


This book will inspire, challenge and engage you—and transform your teaching and learning.

Each chapter in this book is written by a different educator or team about their experiences with project-based learning, both in and out of the classroom. They reflect not only on the how of project-based learning, but more importantly, on the what and the why. They offer insight into how connecting with learners, honouring their experiences, and promoting deep and rich questioning can be the path to powerful projects and learning. Their writing and thinking is saturated with empathy, expertise, a desire to improve their practice, and an acknowledgment of the need to collaborate.

Reviews impressive book written by and for a range of practitioners that show how Project Based Learning can be used in all sorts of environments with all learners. This is a very handy book for educators interested in refining their project-based learning chops.

Elliot Washore, Ed.D., co-founder of Big Picture Learning

Catch A Fire is the right book at the right time for anyone interested in the transformative potential of project-based learning. Henderson has put together an incredible array of case studies, examples, and voices on the methodology that will prove both useful and thought provoking to educators of all shapes and sizes. Read this book and get inspired.

Jay W. Roberts, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Wilson Warren College, author of Beyond Learning By Doing