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In Search of April Raintree

By Beatrice Mosionier
Categories: Fiction, Indigenous & Aboriginal, Coming Of Age, 20th Century, Siblings
Imprint: HighWater Press

Paperback : 9781553791737, 248 pages, September 2008
Ebook (Mobi) : 9781553799566, 248 pages, October 2020
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781553799573, 248 pages, February 2021
Ebook (PDF) : 9781553799580, 248 pages, February 2021

Intimate, hopeful, and impossible to put down, Beatrice Mosionier’s timeless classic lingers long after the final page.


Memories. Some memories are elusive, fleeting, like a butterfly that touches down and is free until it is caught. Others are haunting. You'd rather forget them, but they won't be forgotten. And some are always there. No matter where you are, they are there, too.

In this moving story of legacy and reclamation, two young sisters are taken from their home and family. Powerless in a broken system, April and Cheryl are separated and placed in different foster homes. Despite the distance, they remain close, even as their decisions threaten to divide them emotionally, culturally, and geographically. As one sister embraces her Métis identity, the other tries to leave it behind.

Will the sisters’ bond survive as they struggle to make their way in a society that is often indifferent, hostile, and violent?

Great ideas for using this book in your classroom can be found in the Teacher’s Guide for In Search of April Raintree and April Raintree. A FREE copy of the guide is available for download on the Portage & Main Press website.