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Reading Assessment Program Guide For Grade 7

Rubric and Reading Passages

Table of contents


  • Reading Comprehension and Fluency/Decoding 5
  • Explanations of TtD RAP Components 6
    • ReadInfo: Performance Standards in Reading for Information 6
    • TtD RAP: Four Assessment Packages per Grade 7
    • Calculation of Reading Levels in the Reading Passages 10
  • Recommended Timing for the Reading Assessments 11
  • Administering an Assessment 11
    • Individual Conference with Teacher 12
  • After the Assessment 14
    • Highlight Students’ Performance on Individual Rubrics 14
    • Summary/Profile of Class Performance 15
  • Blackline Masters 16
    • Titles and Levels of TtD RAP Reading Passages 16
    • Coding Guide 18
    • ReadInfo: Performance Standards in Reading for Information, Grade 7 19
    • ReadInfo: Summary/Profile of Class Performance, Grade 7 22
  • Grade 7 Assessment Packages 25


The series Tools for Instructions and Reading Assessment is a companion piece to Dr. Jennifer Katz's book Teaching to Diversity. The series, which supports the three-block model of universal design for learning, offers two instructional guides, A Model Unit and Reading Assessment Program Guide for each grade from 1 to 12.

The Reading Assessment Program Guide includes:

  • A guide that focuses on how to assess students' progress in reading comprehension and fluency/decoding
  • Accompanying blackline masters and grade-specific rubrics
  • Four levelled Reading Passages to use for assessment throughout the school year