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Teacher’s Guide for The Seven Teachings Stories

By Katya Adamov Ferguson
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Language Arts, Elementary, Multicultural Education
Paperback : 9781553797050, 36 pages, March 2017
Ebook (PDF) : 9781553795704, 36 pages, October 2014

Table of contents


  • Preface 1
  • Part 1: Seven Teachings for Teachers 2
    • Love/Zaagi’idin 3
    • Wisdom/Nibwaakaawin 4
    • Humility/Bekaadiziwin 5
    • Courage/Asskode’ewin 6
    • Respect/Minaadendamowin 7
    • Honesty/Gwayakwaadiziwin 8
    • Truth/Debwewin 9
  • Part 2: Teaching the Stories 10
    • The Just Right Gift 11
    • Amik Loves School 12
    • Singing Sisters13
    • The First Day 14
    • Kode’s Quest(ion) 15
    • Misaabe’s Stories16
    • What is Truth Betsy? 17
  • Part 3: Strategies and Activities Applicable to All Stories 18
  • Thoughts on Anishinaabe Culture and Language 21
  • References 23
  • Appendix: Instructions for Classroom Materials 24
    • CM#1 Analyzing Issues Using the Seven Teachings 25
    • CM#1B Example: Analyzing the Issue of Bullying 26
    • CM#2 Medicine Wheel Framework 27
    • CM#3 Compare and Contrast: Venn Diagram 28


Designed to help teachers in early years classrooms use The Seven Teachings Stories series, by Katherena Vermette, this guide provides the framework and key ideas educators need to become participants in a culturally responsive classroom community and to deepen their understanding of the Seven Teachings. With these stories, educators can create a space to discuss diverse perspectives, experiences, and traditions with young readers, and to foster a deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings and of our relationships with others.

This guide is presented in three sections and includes:

  • Key information about the Seven Teachings, Anishinaabe vocabulary, and the characters in each story.
  • Ideas to guide student learning.
  • Approaches and suggestions that teachers can apply to any of the seven stories.
  • Strategies and activities to deepen readers’ understanding of the abstract concepts addressed in the stories.
  • An appendix of reproducible classroom materials.